Week 2: Drink whenever someone has to quit after breaking their leg in Powerball!

So the story goes like this: you've lost everything you've ever owned. You're down on your luck. Thing is, you're a great athlete and there's this show called "American Gladiators" that will give you not only an ass-ton of cash if you win, but a car AND steady employment as a gladiator. This could be the thing that changes your life. You show up at the tryout. You get onto the big show. You're all ready to go. First event: Powerball

Welp, there goes your leg. Good thing you've got the resources to pay for the surgery/rehab that torn ACL is going to need. What? You're down on your luck? You need a hand?


Or, have a very posi-reverend come and win in your place, then dedicate his win to you. In the back of your mind you're hoping he wins the big bucks and dedicates some of that instead.

At least he got to meet his idol, TITAN...why is TITAN his idol? Why isn't it WOLF?

On another note, HELLGA, the beefiest woman in all of sports took a swim thanks to a well placed NERF ball. And I thought that my friends were joking when they said Assault was like NERF. If you look closely on the side of the gladiator cannon (oh yeah!) you can clearly see it says NERF on the side! Well, here's HELLGA going for a swim:

As for an MVP, I would have to give it to WOLF.

(sound sync is off, but hell, it's got CRUSH in it too. PLUS! They reveal they've been picked up for another season!!!!!!!)


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